Types of Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Oil

It is the "juice" of the olive fruit (healthy olives): a fat obtained from the fruit of the olive solely by physical means (pressure or centrifugation) without any chemicals. This oil has not more than 0.8% acidity.
Ideal for salad seasoning and may be used for confection of Mediterranean dishes.

Virgin Oil

It is the result of fat obtained from the fruit of the olive solely by physical means (pressure or centrifugation) without any chemicals, and obtained with not more than 2% acidity.
It is apt for human consumption, ideal for roasts, soups, stews or marinades.

Olive Oil

It is a fat formed by the mixture of refined olive oil with virgin olive oil, with acidity of not more than 1 %. It maintains the nutritional value of olive oil and is more economical.
Perfect for frying due to the high temperature resilience and can be reused several times in for this purpose.

Refined Oil

It is the process which consists in removing the excessive acidity of fats (bad oils and oils) using chemicals or distillation (as the colour, with bleaching, impurities and bad smells).


The fats in their pure state, are constituted of more than 95% by triglyceride structures (glycerol combined with three organic acids). The modification / degradation of fat involve the disruption of this structure and the release of organic acids and the amount (percentage or degrees) of organic acids released in fat measures the change of state. Thus, an oil (virgin or not) 1.5 (% or degrees) of acidity means that 1.5 g of organic acids is released into 100g of olive oil. On virgin olive oil organic acids are still combined, while in refined oil the other organic acids were extracted through the refining process.

Virgin Olive Oil and Olive Oil : Differences

Virgin olive oil corresponds to fat coming from healthy olives, fresh and fruity aromas. It is extracted and packed in order to maintain the fruits original characteristics. Olive oil corresponds to artificially purified (via refining process), due to defective olives. To the fat of these olives it is added virgin olive oil to impart a fragrance.